This issue has been resolved and we continue to monitor the search servers closely.

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US Jobs have now been restored.

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All search services in Canada have been restored. All search services in the US have been restored (except Jobs). US Jobs are currently being restored. Users can work-around this issue by searching for Jobs via Advanced Job Search (accessible under Jobs>Search in the left navigation menu).

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The restoration of our search services is still in progress, with Quotes, Proposals, and Opportunities fully restored. Jobs and Attachments are currently being restored.

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We're implementing a fix to address the core issue. Items should begin populating properly in the appropriate tabs shortly.

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We have identified an issue where some Contacts, Proposals, and Jobs are not being shown in V2. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but appreciate your patience while we get this resolved.

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Affected components
  • Syncore
    • Early Access
    • Syncore v2
    • Syncore API
    • The Signature Collection